We are excited to kick off Season 2 with the launch of THE IVY LEAGUE! The IVL is an exclusive collective of 333 top-of-the-class IVY BOYS collectors, founders, tastemakers, visionaries, creatives, and legacy builders. We are a group of like-minded purveyors and culture shifters coming together to reimagine the future of community and lifestyle in Web3. This is the next major milestone in the BBRC ecosystem and our most prestigious ambition yet. 

The IVY LEAGUE is not available for everyone. However, The IVY LEAGUE is important for everyone. Membership is reserved for those who share similar goals and values, and are willing to take the responsibility to establish and uphold the traditions and heritage behind the ethos of BBRC and IVY BOYS. We seek to create a culturally-infused atmosphere that will serve to recruit the best leaders across talents, industries, and countries to not only host elaborate discussions around art and culture, but to share valuable resources and information that will continue to push cutting edge innovation and lay foundations for the future of Web3, the Metaverse, and ultimately the future of IVY BOYS.

We want to identify our top holders, early investors, and significant contributors, and reward them with an invitation to become founding IVY LEAGUE members. Many of these members are not only financially invested, but also arguably our strongest ambassadors. Premium benefits will also be given to IVL pass holders in the form of NFT collection airdrops, physical merch drops, walled garden (inner circle), and priority access to news, marketplace, discounts, and private IRL events. We want to stress to everyone that IVY BOYS NFTs will always be the Genesis collection and will be the most important to continue your journey within IVY BOYS and the greater BBRC universe. Our priority will always be to bring value back to our Genesis holders. 

We will also be recruiting new contributors to join as founding IVY LEAGUE members. They consist of leaders in the Web3 community and from top management of blue chip projects that have in one way or another provided value to the success of IVY BOYS. Their membership will ensure that we position ourselves on the right course and attract a certain tier of quality investors and not just degen flippers.


Top 100 Ranking Airdrop

THE IVY LEAGUE collection has a supply of 333 prestigious passes. The collection consists of 12 legendary art pieces designed by Aaron Chang. The passes are divided into three tiers: Legends, Captains, and OGs. Each tier will include 4 unique NFT artworks, and have similar, but slightly varied benefits. The Top 100 ranking IVY BOYS holders will be automatically rewarded with a free airdrop(s) of the IVY LEAGUE PASS.

1. The snapshot will occur on Monday, August 29th at 12:01am EST. Check your ranking here: rank.bbrc.io

2. Rules to obtain each tier
Legends: Holders of 50 IVY BOYS and above
Captains: Holders of 20 IVY BOYS and above
OG: Remaining top 100 ranking holders inclusive of Legends and Captains.

3. If the 100th ranking hodler owns 10 IVY BOYS, then all holders with 10 IVY BOYS beyond Rank 100 will qualify for The IVY LEAGUE airdrop.

4. Airdropped IVL passes for the top holders will have a vesting (non-transferrable) period of 3 months.

5. Top 100 Ranked holders will have 48hrs to allocate how many of each tier NFT they would like airdropped via our claim page. Legends tier NFTs require 50 IVY BOYS, Captains require 20 IVY BOYS, and OGs require the same amount as the 100th Ranked holder.

For example: Let’s say you want 1 Legend, 1 Captain, and 1 OG tiered NFT. The 100th Ranking holder has 11 NFTS.

1 Legend + 1 Captain + 1 OG = 81 IVY BOYS needed (50 + 20 + 11 = 81)

6. Only the Legend tier will have the GOLDEN GLOVE benefit to choose a preferred artwork amongst the 4 Legend tier options (subject to supply availability for each artwork). This is only offered for Legend tier NFTs. 

7. All IVL holders will receive seasonal physical merch drops. Legend tier holders will specifically receive the full collection from that season, whereas Captains and OGs will receive only a tiered set from the same collection.

8. Each Legend Tier NFT will receive a custom 1/1 IVY BOYS PFP that will be minted as a part of the IVY BOYS Honorary Collection. 

9. Each artwork will have a rarity ranking and allocated supply. 

Allowlist Mint

After the initial supply of IVY LEAGUE Passes have been airdropped, the remaining supply will go to Allowlist mint. The premint registration is now live for all IVY BOYS holders. Registration does not guarantee mint, and will be based on a first come, first serve basis. 

1. Premint Link: https://www.premint.xyz/bbrc-the-ivy-league/

2. Premint Requirements: 1 IVY BOY + minimum 1.5 ETH

3. Mint Date: Friday, September 2nd, 11pm EST

4. Mint Price: 1.5 ETH

5. Reveal Date: Friday, September 9th

6. IVL NFTs that are minted will be randomized based on the remaining supply of Captain and OG tiers. There will be 1 Legend tier worth 10+ ETH hidden in the mix. 

7. Minted IVY LEAGUE passes will not have a vesting (non-transferrable) period unlike airdropped passes. 



Mon 8/29: IVL Rank Snapshot @ 12:01am EST
Mon 8/29: Claim Site Open @ 5:00am EST for 48 hrs for Top 100 Airdrop Allocation
Wed 8/31: 48hrs for Legends to pick artwork
Fri 9/2: AL (Premint) Mint @ 11:00pm EST
Fri 9/9: IVL Reveal following Friday
August 27, 2022 — BBRC Studios