Founders AMA - Thanksgiving Day

Founders AMA - Thanksgiving Day

Hello IVY BOYS & IVY GIRLS! Thank you to everyone who tuned into our Founders AMA on Thanksgiving day! We are just past the halfway mark of our first year here at BBRC. We will be hosting a 1-2 times monthly recurring Founders AMA series to continue to align our IVY community with our vision moving forward as well as share exciting developments to come. Here’s a quick recap to those of you who may have missed it!



1. Varsity Jacket Claim. We’re happy to say we’re on track for a January production timeline and we’re excited for you all to receive all 6 styles!

2. IRL IVY UNIVERSE: To The Moon party at Marquee Singapore. We set the stage for one of the biggest sold out NFT events of the year in Asia! We’re extremely proud of our Web2 design team for developing an entire IVY Collection in less than a month to showcase on our Fashion Runway. The result was a proof-of-concept and establishing ourselves as a serious marquee Web3 multi-media lifestyle & fashion brand not only to our holders and community, but also to new partners, investors, and VCs. 

Recap Video


3. IVY PETS Launch. Wen IVY PETS? You asked and we listened with the launch of Aaron Chang’s new Season 2 collection of IVY BEARS, CATS, and DOGS! We’ve been loving all the creativity, rivalry and engagement from our community in the last couple weeks, especially our 1/1 HeeDong reveals and IVY PETS Faction War battles. 

Many of you have asked why we decided to mint the unclaimed IVY PETS into the company wallet, and the answer is that IVY PETS has always intended to be fun and engaging for our community as a free mint. It has been a great success and asset for us to market IVY BOYS outside of our community. It also provided great insight that a high percentage of our community is still invested and interested in what's next, and we’re pleased to see the low percentage (3%) listed thus far. Minting the rest will most importantly give us the flexibility and control to continue to utilize IVY PETS as a marketing asset to push IVY BOYS to the next level.

Wen Dandy Baby?



1. P3TX Serum. Continuation of Season 2. The final snapshot was taken, and the Serum was airdropped during the AMA! Trunk 2’s have also automatically revealed into your P3TX Serums as well!

P3TX Serum Opensea

2. SUPER PETS. We’ll be launching our IVY Science Laboratory today where you will be able to use 1 or 5 P3TX Serums to evolve or “Supe” up your IVY PETS into both SUPER or MEGA IVY PETS. Not all traits are equal, so choose wisely which pets to evolve to MEGA! Hint: Look for skateboards, fish balls, matches, IVY Trunks.

3. IVY ATHLETICS. Let the games begin! IVY ATHLETICS launches end of this week! - Each IVY BOY, IVY PETS and SUPER PETS NFT can be passively staked (gasless and NFT does not leave your wallet) for entries to compete with one another. You’ll be automatically entered to compete for a draw of amazing bi-weekly prizes we’ll be announcing later this week. This is a way for us to continue to reward our holders as we continue to build the IVY Universe!

Please see our IVY BOYS Season 2 Announcement Page for more information on all things IVY PETS, P3TX Serum, SUPER PETS, and IVY ATHLETICS.

IVY DOGS Opensea

IVY CATS Opensea




1. IVY BOYS Vision. There have been a number of questions on the clarity of the vision and direction of IVY BOYS. It’s WORLD DOMINATION. But more seriously - The focus has always been singular on achieving high growth and sustainability with generating revenue models and mass adoption outside of our IVY community. How do we go from idea, to execution, to becoming a Multi-Media Giant the likes of Disney and Sanrio in a short timeline? And to do that we’re very much focused on branding, driving product, and developing valuable IP that is attractive and easily consumed by the general public outside of our community. 

The roadmap has always been clear, and we’ve delivered on every point that was promised this year and more. We are extremely proud of our IVY holders, who are our staunchest supporters from the beginning and have the purest love not only for Aaron Chang’s art, but also for the community camaraderie, the fashion, the lifestyle, the innovative technology, and everything else to come. Whether we like it or not, Web2 is migrating to Web3, and IVY BOYS is bee-lining to build something serious, mainstream, and innovative to set the stage to inspire those who will follow. We’re excited you’re here with us, and we look forward to dominating the future with you side by side. 

So IVY BOYS, IVY PETS, SUPER PETS, IVY ATHLETICS, Varsity Jackets, Fashion Runways, Phygitals, Aaron’s artwork & IP Portfolio, HeeDong, etc; This is all headed to a singular central direction like the Avengers assembling when it all finally make sense. There’s a much bigger long term dream beyond this that we’re looking to make a reality, so let’s take a look at what’s immediate that we’ve been working on so far;

2. New Team Additions + Advisors. We’re adding two new heavy hitters to the BBRC - IVY BOYS team! We have tech veterans Wui Ngiap Foo, CEO of Ethlas and former Head of Tech at Grab, and Ari Medivsky, former Google exec, joining our advisory board to support and globally scale our Web3 technology solutions efforts and entertainment ecosystem. We’ll be making further announcements and press releases further down. BBRC is growing and we are continually adding on additional developers, artists, designers, moderators, and coordinators in the coming weeks!

3. PHYGITALS + Fashion Capsules: BBRC Japan, BBRC USA, BBRC International. Physical backed tokens (PBTs) are the natural next step in our evolution. Our intentions have always been to create heirloom pieces that last the test of time. How great would it be to trace the history and ownership of something 10-20 years from now, and to know where it’s made and sourced? Storytelling is an important component of what it means to be an IVY BOYS holder, and we’ll continue to push the envelope on innovating, improving, and implementing Web3 technologies to revolutionize how we live. 

We’ve been very thoughtful on our releases, what future collections we will launch in the coming months on our upcoming merch marketplace, and where they will be sourced and produced. We’re happy to announce that we’ve partnered with a design team in Japan to produce our first fashion capsule that we look to launch in the beginning of 2023, followed by a capsule collection designed and produced by our team in Los Angeles, and the release of our BBRC collection. These will be recurring capsules we will launch and release on a recurring basis. We look to share some alpha in the next AMA!

4. Ethlas. With Wei Foo joining the team means we’ll be joining forces with Ethlas to chart the scalable future of our IVY BOYS IP and propel ourselves in the future of entertainment. Ethlas will enable us to innovate in immersive digital brand experiences in the IVY Universe, and build upon loveable IVY BOYS characters and endearing storylines. We’re looking to develop omnichannel brand activations and Disney-like gamified experiences through digital merchandise, gaming experiences, and portable reward systems that are all backed by Ethlas’ powerful platform. Imagine an IVY BOYS gaming platform with the potential to reach and serve millions of users. We’re excited to keep you updated on those developments. 

5. Candee Labs. We weren’t kidding when we said we’re looking to scale our IP. We’re also partnering with entertainment veterans and producers Candee Labs to help develop television and animation series based around the IVY BOYS caricatures. Their backing comes with a vertically integrated production and entertainment studio specializing in storytelling and community experiences, with a few Netflix shows under their belt. You may just see a mini-series on some IVY BOYS mini-celebrities pretty soon!

6. Mighty Jaxx. If that’s not enough for you, we’re also partnering with Mighty Jaxx, an award-winning future culture company that designs and manufactures toy collectibles. Phygitals are our next step, and converting your collectible art into physical collectibles is the next natural progression. We’ll be developing a collection of IVY BOYS and HeeDong phygital collectibles in the coming future.

7. HeeDong & Comic-Con. We’ve communicated for some time now that HeeDong by Aaron Chang is Project #2 for BBRC, and we are finally ramping up our marketing efforts as we move closer to launch. HeeDong will be a smaller collection, and IVY BOYS holders will have priority access to mint. HeeDong will have a new additional team that will spearhead pre-mint and marketing efforts. We're happy to announce that we'll be part of the upcoming Comic-Con in Singapore where we'll be debuting HeeDong for the first time in public in the form a Golden Skateboard HeeDong. Stay tuned for details!

There are some misinterpretations and concerns from the community with regards to launching HeeDong in the coming months. We aren’t concerned with IVY PETS conflicting with HeeDong, as there will be a different strategy for mint and for the project itself. For some time now we’ve generated a ton of interest in new potential partnerships and strategic investments surrounding the HeeDong IP specifically that tie into how we grow BBRC, and ultimately be part of the greater portfolio for all IVY BOYS holders. We felt this was the right time to launch HeeDong as a new property, and what made the most sense in anchoring a clear vision moving forward for BBRC.

We do want to remind everyone that IVY BOYS will always be our Genesis. There is no shift in vision or direction, nor shift in focus or strategy away from IVY BOYS. IVY BOYS will always hold the keys and drive what BBRC is about. HeeDong is our next project, so naturally it is in our interest to generate as much exposure and hype around him as much as possible. We’re looking to bring in new resources, new staff, new faces, new holders, new partnerships that will synergize with how we build out the IVY UNIVERSE. This is our foundation to laying out our seeds - in IP, Fashion, Merch, Food, Entertainment, Hospitality, and much more. IVY BOYS is still the focus here in BBRC, and how we always intended to increase your value. 

We’re all in one ride together, and HeeDong has always been sitting beside you all this time. He never left you, and you would not leave him. 

8. THE IVY LEAGUE. With all that has been said, IVY LEAGUE holders will all get airdropped HeeDong NFTs (Legends get 5 and Captains get 2)! We're also excited to say that the first IVL merch capsule collection will be dropping next month as well, we're aiming to ship to arrive by Christmas. There is some concerns regarding the end of the vesting period for our IVY League passes. In our observations, the IVY LEAGUE is full of our most staunchest supporters, and the IVL pass was our way to identify and reward our biggest & most loyal holders and partners who have been with us from the beginning. You have all played a part in the making of our success of our community, and you should all be proud of that. We certainly are and will continue to ensure our most loyal supporters are heard and taken care of. 

9. Continental Coin. The BBRC Continental Coin has not been abandoned and has always been intended for a Whitelist Marketplace. We’ve been experiencing some delays with a third party developer who we did not feel met our standards for the marketplace. With the combination of free mints meta, we did not want to rush the process and are instead moving the development back in house with our own developers to build something more comprehensive and valuable to our holders.

10. Community Events + Suggestions. We love to see how dedicated and loyal our community is and we always encourage the initiative on hosting community led events. Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwanese have few upcoming community-led events, and one of our IVL Legends, MaltBiscuit, is taking the lead in organizing a whole speaker series for THE IVY LEAGUE starting with Mr. Gentle Ape. We would love to extend our official support in whichever manner possible. We want to hear your creative ideas and suggestions on what we can do to improve, future events, merch and fashion ideas, etc. Founders are always accessible on Discord but we’ll see about how we can simplify the process further on implementing a suggestions box.

November 24, 2022


We are excited to kick off Season 2 with the launch of THE IVY LEAGUE! The IVL is an exclusive collective of 333 top-of-the-class IVY BOYS collectors, founders, tastemakers, visionaries, creatives, and legacy builders. We are a group of like-minded purveyors and culture shifters coming together to reimagine the future of community and lifestyle in Web3. This is the next major milestone in the BBRC ecosystem and our most prestigious ambition yet. 

The IVY LEAGUE is not available for everyone. However, The IVY LEAGUE is important for everyone. Membership is reserved for those who share similar goals and values, and are willing to take the responsibility to establish and uphold the traditions and heritage behind the ethos of BBRC and IVY BOYS. We seek to create a culturally-infused atmosphere that will serve to recruit the best leaders across talents, industries, and countries to not only host elaborate discussions around art and culture, but to share valuable resources and information that will continue to push cutting edge innovation and lay foundations for the future of Web3, the Metaverse, and ultimately the future of IVY BOYS.

We want to identify our top holders, early investors, and significant contributors, and reward them with an invitation to become founding IVY LEAGUE members. Many of these members are not only financially invested, but also arguably our strongest ambassadors. Premium benefits will also be given to IVL pass holders in the form of NFT collection airdrops, physical merch drops, walled garden (inner circle), and priority access to news, marketplace, discounts, and private IRL events. We want to stress to everyone that IVY BOYS NFTs will always be the Genesis collection and will be the most important to continue your journey within IVY BOYS and the greater BBRC universe. Our priority will always be to bring value back to our Genesis holders. 

We will also be recruiting new contributors to join as founding IVY LEAGUE members. They consist of leaders in the Web3 community and from top management of blue chip projects that have in one way or another provided value to the success of IVY BOYS. Their membership will ensure that we position ourselves on the right course and attract a certain tier of quality investors and not just degen flippers.


Top 100 Ranking Airdrop

THE IVY LEAGUE collection has a supply of 333 prestigious passes. The collection consists of 12 legendary art pieces designed by Aaron Chang. The passes are divided into three tiers: Legends, Captains, and OGs. Each tier will include 4 unique NFT artworks, and have similar, but slightly varied benefits. The Top 100 ranking IVY BOYS holders will be automatically rewarded with a free airdrop(s) of the IVY LEAGUE PASS.

1. The snapshot will occur on Monday, August 29th at 12:01am EST. Check your ranking here:

2. Rules to obtain each tier
Legends: Holders of 50 IVY BOYS and above
Captains: Holders of 20 IVY BOYS and above
OG: Remaining top 100 ranking holders inclusive of Legends and Captains.

3. If the 100th ranking hodler owns 10 IVY BOYS, then all holders with 10 IVY BOYS beyond Rank 100 will qualify for The IVY LEAGUE airdrop.

4. Airdropped IVL passes for the top holders will have a vesting (non-transferrable) period of 3 months.

5. Top 100 Ranked holders will have 48hrs to allocate how many of each tier NFT they would like airdropped via our claim page. Legends tier NFTs require 50 IVY BOYS, Captains require 20 IVY BOYS, and OGs require the same amount as the 100th Ranked holder.

For example: Let’s say you want 1 Legend, 1 Captain, and 1 OG tiered NFT. The 100th Ranking holder has 11 NFTS.

1 Legend + 1 Captain + 1 OG = 81 IVY BOYS needed (50 + 20 + 11 = 81)

6. Only the Legend tier will have the GOLDEN GLOVE benefit to choose a preferred artwork amongst the 4 Legend tier options (subject to supply availability for each artwork). This is only offered for Legend tier NFTs. 

7. All IVL holders will receive seasonal physical merch drops. Legend tier holders will specifically receive the full collection from that season, whereas Captains and OGs will receive only a tiered set from the same collection.

8. Each Legend Tier NFT will receive a custom 1/1 IVY BOYS PFP that will be minted as a part of the IVY BOYS Honorary Collection. 

9. Each artwork will have a rarity ranking and allocated supply. 

Allowlist Mint

After the initial supply of IVY LEAGUE Passes have been airdropped, the remaining supply will go to Allowlist mint. The premint registration is now live for all IVY BOYS holders. Registration does not guarantee mint, and will be based on a first come, first serve basis. 

1. Premint Link:

2. Premint Requirements: 1 IVY BOY + minimum 1.5 ETH

3. Mint Date: Friday, September 2nd, 11pm EST

4. Mint Price: 1.5 ETH

5. Reveal Date: Friday, September 9th

6. IVL NFTs that are minted will be randomized based on the remaining supply of Captain and OG tiers. There will be 1 Legend tier worth 10+ ETH hidden in the mix. 

7. Minted IVY LEAGUE passes will not have a vesting (non-transferrable) period unlike airdropped passes. 



Mon 8/29: IVL Rank Snapshot @ 12:01am EST
Mon 8/29: Claim Site Open @ 5:00am EST for 48 hrs for Top 100 Airdrop Allocation
Wed 8/31: 48hrs for Legends to pick artwork
Fri 9/2: AL (Premint) Mint @ 11:00pm EST
Fri 9/9: IVL Reveal following Friday
August 27, 2022
IVY BOYS Season 2 Announcement

IVY BOYS Season 2 Announcement

Hello IVY BOYS & GIRLS, we’d like to welcome you to Season 2 of IVY BOYS by Aaron Chang! On behalf of the entire team at BBRC Studios, we'd like to thank you for joining us on this incredible journey the last 3 months. We’re so proud of our entire team and most importantly you, the community members, for helping us fulfill everything and more from our roadmap in Season 1 of IVY BOYS. As our journey continues, we’d like to give you all a first look at what you can expect for the next phase of the IVY Universe! 

We’ll be making a few more announcements and revealing more details! We’d love for you to all tune into our BBRC Studios AMA on Wednesday, August 17th at 11AM EST (Twitter Spaces). We’ll be fielding questions ahead of the AMA on our Discord AMA Forum. We will try to answer as many of your questions as we dive deeper into the new season!

This season we’re proud to present the companions to your IVY BOYS & GIRLS - IVY PETS by Aaron Chang! You can expect the same art style reimagined into the world of 7777 IVY Pet NFTS. In the coming weeks IVY BOYS holders will be able to adopt their very own IVY PET for each NFT they own, and all IVY TRUNK 2s will reveal themselves into the P3TX Serum. Not too long after that, your IVY BOYS & GIRLS will be able to use 1 or 5 P3TX Serums to evolve or “Supe” up your IVY PETS into both SUPER or MEGA IVY PETS! (We've got a mini origin comic on the serum coming!)

Aaron has been working tirelessly the last couple months to develop 3 different collections of IVY DOGS, CATS, and BEARS. These collections will reveal a multitude of traits that will not only be familiar and exciting, but also very surprising as Aaron explores a new side to his art style! For every IVY PET NFT, there is also both a SUPER and MEGA version that retain the overall traits of your original NFT. (You can have a full set of all 3 NFTs at the same time!) As you can imagine, it was no small feat for Aaron to draw and design 3 times the work of a normal collection - and all the while making sure the overall aesthetics and layers match! We are continually humbled by Aaron’s incredible talent, and his ability to juggle both his restaurants, entertainment - all necessary to build the foundation that will solidify ourselves as a self-sustainable Web3 brand and business. 

Season 2 is all about expanding the BBRC Ecosystem and further building the foundations for the future of IVY BOYS. We’d like to remind everyone that the Genesis IVY BOYS NFTs will always be the most important key to navigating the overall BBRC Universe. Your IVY PETS and SUPER IVY PETS will be the next Important phase in how we develop our utility in the future metaverse and how we further scale our brand into our future plans. These plans also include the Fashion Collections and Branded Merch that we are designing and manufacturing in-house, IP and Brand Development, and IRL Activations in the form of events, retail, restaurants, entertainment - all necessary to build the foundation that will solidify ourselves as a self-sustainable Web3 brand and business. 

One of the first things we're excited to announce for Season 2 is IVY ATHLETICS! Let the games begin. It's time to flex your IVY PETS alongside with your IVY BOYS! Train your IVY PETS to become the next champions and sign them up to compete for a chance at winning rewards and trophies including NFTs and Physical Merch! We're incredibly proud having only a 5-6% listing rate, which is incredibly low. With that in mind, we wanted to reward all our hodlers with something fun, easy and simple. This will come in the form of a simple game utility - Each IVY BOY and IVY PET NFT can be passively staked (gasless and NFT does not leave your wallet) for entries and you’ll be automatically entered to compete for the draw during Season 2.

We have more exciting announcements on the way including a new season of branded and collab Merch, a major IRL activation, and a brand spankin' new marketplace just to name a few. Tune in for our Season 2 AMA to hear more details and more announcements!



1. You can stake your IVY BOYS & GIRLS, IVY PETS, and your SUPER IVY PETS.

2. 1 IVY PET or SUPER IVY PET = 1 entry to win

3. 1 MEGA IVY PET = 2 entries to win

4. 1 IVY BOY = Multiplies your IVY PET entries by 2x.

5. Each IVY BOY can only be paired with a single set of 1 IVY PET + SUPER PET + MEGA PET from the same family for a maximum of 8 entries. Staking another IVY BOY for the same set of pets does not stack your multiplier.

For Example:

1 IVY BEAR + 1 SUPER IVY BEAR + 1 MEGA IVY BEAR  = 4 entries to win

1 IVY BOY + 1 IVY BEAR + 1 SUPER IVY BEAR + 1 MEGA IVY BEAR = 8 entries to win (2 x 4 entries)

6. Some example of prizes: IVY LEAGUE PASS, GOLD IVY BOY NFT, IVY PET NFT, BBRC MERCH and much more!


1. IVY PETS and IVY BOYS must be staked for at least 2 weeks before your entries and benefits are activated and you can compete for prizes.

2. Listing your IVY PETS on the marketplace will remove your passive staking status and remove your chance to compete for prizes with your entries. That means you will need to wait another 2 weeks to activate your entries if you choose to re-stake your NFTs.

3. Listing IVY BOYS on the market place will also remove your passive staking status and remove your entry multiplier.

4. All winners wallets will be stated on site and you will get a private key to unlock your prizes.

More details on staking and our staking website will be announced and revealed in the near future. 

August 14, 2022