BBRC Studios is an incubator for Art, Fashion, and Culture that will bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3. Our goal is to build a singular ecosystem to house a collective of NFT projects and intellectual properties, each with their unique identities, utility, communities, and roadmaps that are all part of a greater BBRC roadmap (more details to be released in the future). Becoming a member at one will give you exclusive benefits to others & the BBRC Universe.

Year 1

Welcome to BBRC Studios. This year, we plan to launch several projects, starting with our Genesis Project, IVY BOYS by Aaron Chang. IVY BOYS holders will gain entry into the BBRC Ecosystem and will have priority access to future projects. You can expect exclusive drops, IRL private experiences, brand collaborations, merch collections, and our take on the metaverse. Community is at the forefront of our foundation in how we build utility and bring value back to our creators and members.

Genesis Project - IVY BOYS

Designed by South Korean Designer Aaron Chang, IVY BOYS is a collection of 7,777 utility-enabled PFPs that feature a diversity of unique and sartorial inspired traits. Each IVY BOYS unlocks access to the BBRC Ecosystem and gives priority access to future projects.

HeeDong & Friends

HeeDong is just a small dog in real life. But in his dreams, he becomes much more. Heedong lives in a world where adventures are plentiful, imagination is boundless, and anything is possible. Step into HeeDong’s dreams where his fantasies come to life, where memories are minted with new friends, and where experiences are filled with wonder.

Project III

Mystery, Mischief & Foul Play lie ahead - MISSION STARTING SOON

Meet the BBRC Team

Our team is made up of not just dreamers, but doers. We are composed of a management team with decades of experience in tech/crypto, branding, fashion, manufacturing, and community building.



Serial Entrepreneur & Founder, CEO of a retail and lifestyle group with stores across 5 countries.

Collaborated with Disney, Star Wars, Piaget, Singapore Airlines and Audi.



Previously COO of retail group that manages UNIQLO, ADIDAS, BEN SHERMAN, TOPSHOP & DOROTHY PERKINS.

Started career as a Finance Auditor in KPMG.



US Founder & CEO of Los Angeles based apparel & manufacturing brands. Background in Business, Film, Branding, Manufacturing.

Collaborated with Los Angeles Mayor's fund, GQ.



Hyper Creative formally trained in Architecture. US Founder, Creative Director of Los Angeles brands and 50 year old LA based manufacturer. Former Chairman of Educational Non-profit.

Collaborated with Playboy, NFL.



Might be Satoshi's cousin.

Advisor to various Crypto/NFT
Projects. 11+ Years in sales & business development.



Full-time Degen

8+ Years in Finance



Wears 2 hats.

4+ years in brand building
and storytelling



"Stop asking me for PXN Whitelist"

Phantom 19
Project Nanopass